Following is my experience from 2011, in my time it was UPTU so the following post applies to Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technical University formerly Gautam Buddh Technical University formerly Uttar Pradesh Technical University.

The Process:

  1. For this you need to go to IET, lucknow.
  2. Confirm that the University is open that day and Registrar would be available.
  3. Carry your original mark sheets.
  4. Goto the University, ask the peon that you want transcripts.
  5. The fee was Rs. 10/= per transcript. Cheap, isn’t it?
  6. They will tell you that you can collect it in 30 days. (Don’t Panic, there is an alternative)

Alternative (Stress on the flexibility):

  • I knew a guy, called him to arrange a visit to University. (They have streamlined the process you can now directly walk in.)
  • He was a peon, who has got all the powers and can get anything done.
  • Obviously he will charge you some, but worth it, as the university fee is zilch as compared to others where you may pay like thousand for each transcript. Negotiate beforehand on call itself.
  • I would suggest download this Transcript Format, fill in your subjects and marks, double cross check and carry it in a pen drive (as a precaution free from malware, or just empty before loading). Or create your own format.
  • Also carry glue(avoid fevi-stick), and your own A4 size envelopes, the university envelops are light, pathetic, small-sized and not even printed.
  • Pass your originals to this guy, he will get them verified, may take couple of hours.
  • Tell him that you have got the format in pen drive, he will take it to the computer room. If you insist he can escort you to the so-called computer room.
  • Ok, computer room actually has a single computer and two operators, neither of them can operate MS Word.
  • Once your transcripts are printed in the computer room, the guy will take them to the Registrar for attestation.
  • Here is the catch, Registrar is quite busy in meetings, he comes to office at around 11 and leaves at 4. So you have to be timely.
  • If Registrar is available than it may be attested in 20 minutes to 4 hours or even next day, subjected to availability.
  • Once attested, they will come back to the computer room, where you can enclose them into your envelopes and let him seal them with Registrar’s stamp and signature.
  • If Registrar is not available, you can ask for ‘Office of the Registrar’ stamp at this computer room to stamp on joints (Either of them or both would work, no issues).
  • You will be done by same evening.


  • I am not any dealer or an evangelist. Just happen to have contacts.
  • I don’t encourage or see anything wrong, decision is yours.
  • Be attentive.
  • This is a government office itself so don’t expect any fancy office or cordial people (unless of course you pay for terms).
  • If you go there directly, these peons (yes there are like 3 people) will try to obstruct you from everything, and than you show urgency. People who have done this.
  • You can rely on him.

Of course, I don’t encourage you to follow this, just sharing my experience. Also read this negative experience.