Crater Lake and South Oregon
Adil Ansari
by Adil Ansari


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This was a really random trip, me and my roommate decided on Thursday morning to leave next day and that was it. We stayed over in Shasta city the Friday night. Shasta was another picturesque volcano standing right in middle of nowhere.

3 hours from there was our first stop, Crater lake national park. The road was cleared a couple days only after snowfall, we were welcomed by the tall fresh white walls amongst the tall swaying pine cones. The drive up there was gripping.

The very first glimpse of Crater Lake is enough to inspire you. Mount Mazama’s summit was destroyed by a volcanic eruption that occurred around 5677 BC, the caldera formed holds crater lake.

Despite a violent volcanic past there is nothing so soothing as effervescent blue mirror-smooth water, the wispy white snow capped mountains. Here are a few tips that can help you plan your next travel:

Magical panorama

When to go

Park is usually open throughout except some roads depending on conditions and visitor center (Plan your visit). Summer is fun but post spring is not bad either, you get best of both - snow and sun. Also, check out current conditions page.

Do not forget your camera

Of course you want instagram likes. Lake is picturesque all around the rim, take enough pictures and enjoy mine :stuck_out_toungue:.

Food and Gas

We didn’t see any gas stations nearby or so about 50 miles. So fill up and also food, visitor center cafes are your only option up top.

Things to do

Hiking of course, the site states swimming, biking, fishing, camping, boat tours etc. I’ve heard that the east rim route is really scenic.


Nearby attractions

We stayed over in Medford that night and wanted to explore a bit more of south Oregon. Nailed down on a couple spots.

Oregon Vortex

Oregon Vortex is supposedly one of the most impressive scientific mystery spot. You can experience anomalous behavior of gravity, ball rolling upwards? Really? Must visit for science enthusiasts.

Oregon Caves

One of the rare marble caves in the world. If you visit, tour is recommended. Usually the last tour is in afternoon, so plan accordingly. More about Oregon Caves