I'd suck at this section

I'd suck at this section

I am a half engineered Indian and an online nobody based in beautiful San Francisco. Here you’ll find code snippets, travel pictures, rants and other stuff.

  • Assisted Ajastra, a digital marketing startup, in its early stage and Minority Workflow, another pre-seed startup based in Russia.
  • Soccer is another half side of my life, busted my knee twice. A die hard Gunner.
  • Fancy setting up a soccer training academy for kids in India.
  • Recently got my US Soccer national coaching license F. Will have to see how far I go with it.
  • Autos. Had a rear wheel driven C230, now just a Yamaha R6.
  • Occassional weekend moto racer.
  • Learning how to use a camera.
  • Inspired by business mavericks who think big, who think out of the box, and who don’t stop fighting for it until they get it.

Best advice to contact me: Twitter.


If you are the last man ‘alive’, than its worth dying.

Girls are either good or very good;
Boys, bad or very bad but good enough to hide that.

Have a mirror, life may turn its back.

Biggest risk in the world is being born, rest everything comes after.