Death Valley
Adil Ansari
by Adil Ansari


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Table of Contents

  1. Photography trip
    1. Entering death valley
    2. Mesquite flat sand dunes
    3. Artists palette
    4. Devils golf course
    5. Badwater Basin
    6. Ashford mills ruins
    7. Longstreet Inn & Casino
    8. Alabama hills
    9. Bodie state historical park

Photography trip

  • Started early friday evening and spent night in Ridgecrest, a small town in desert.
  • Map: SF to Ridgecrest

Entering death valley

  • Map: Ridgecrest to Death Valley Visitor Centre
  • Big mines on the way. Clear skies and flat grounds greeted us.
  • Broken/unpaved roads, Everyone was little scared the way we were heading.
  • Entered via CA-190 freeway, this is the largest national park in US south of Alaska.
  • First stop was Stovepipe Wells, the death valley visitor center. Can feel the heat already.

Mesquite flat sand dunes

  • Appears man-made. But the fact that they are so huge, makes it hard to believe.
  • Popular location for some of the hollywood movies like Starwars.
  • It appears so out of place though.

Artists palette

  • A small narrow detour from the Badwater road leads to Artists Palette through the canyons.
  • Artist’s Drive, The 9-mile paved road is one-way and is only drivable with vehicles less than 25 feet in length
  • This area is noted for variety of rock colors.
  • Artist’s Palette is especially photogenic in late afternoon light.

Devils golf course

  • Immense area of rock salt, basically infertile barren land.
  • So incredibly jagged, they say “only devil could play golf on it”.

Badwater Basin

Ashford mills ruins

  • Not much here except skeleton of a building or two.
  • Used to be a gold mine.

Longstreet Inn & Casino

  • Right in the middle of desert, where the hell this came from? Straight Outta Nowhere.
  • Not surprised it is just a few inches inside of stateline Nevada.
  • Used the clear sky for my benefit and did some milky way shots.

Alabama hills

  • Left at 6 am all the way across Death valley. Empty roads, this is just mesmerising.
  • Lone Pine is such a beautiful place with Death valley on one end and Sierras on other.
  • Hidden gem and we didn’t think twice before taking a drive up hills.

Bodie state historical park

  • Bodie is a ghost towm,looks pretty much the same as it did over 50 years ago when the last residents left.
  • Had to do some off roading to get to this deserted town.

Back through Seqoia and Yosemite to San Francisco.
In all covered 1250 miles(2000 km) over the weekend.