2014 Christmas in London
Adil Ansari
by Adil Ansari


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Here we go (D1)

  • Brazil trip to the world cup was cancelled because of knee injury. London trip was an alternate to visit the home and get closer to the club I have been admiring since I was 10.
  • Decided to fly from Los Angeles and Norwegian Airlines was worth every penny.
  • Rail trip from Gatwick reminded me of DDLJ and already been years since I’ve seen brick houses.
  • I was staying in an uptown neighborhood of Paddington district.
  • Did a small trip to downtown/Westminster area with my camera. Wasn’t ready for the winds and fell sick the first night.

Stonehenge (D2)

  • There are tons of private/bus tours to Stonehenge from London. Approximately [2 hour drive on M3], add the city traffic to it. A bus tour is about 8 hours.
  • I wanted to visit Windsor Castle, Castle Combe(Prettiest village in England) too so decided to drive myself.
  • A diesel right hand drive for the first time in 3 years and in a new country but didn’t took much to adopt it.
  • Left at 5.30 in morning to evade city traffic and was in Windsor by 7 am for a hot breakfast.
  • Castle Combe was a small but scintillating village.
  • Took countryside route on the way to Stonehenge and my eyes were vitalized by the charm Britain has to offer besides the Victorian cities.
  • Drove about 400 kms, gripped with fever by evening. Took a few coffee breaks to keep up with myself on the way back.
  • Back by night had my usual Lamb shawarma.
  • Ran an errand to a pharmacy at 3 in morning, it was getting unbearable. Next two days I survived on antibiotics.

Gameday (D3)

  • Did a pre game trip to Emirates (insert tons of emo here), explored all three Arsenal merchandise stores.
  • Got my T-Shirt printed, a guy walked in:

Guy: “Can you print on all shirts”,
Owner: “as long as its an Arsenal shirt”.
:smiling_imp: :facepunch: :clap:

  • Tony hooked me up with tickets as I wanted to avoid membership hustle. There are twitter handles that can hook you up with season ticket-holders/spare tickets.

Nightlife (D4)

  • Did go out to Camden Lock (London’s palika bazaar), nothing new to me.
  • Walked through the Soho district’s fashion/shopping street, the heart of London. Didn’t shop much everything was high end designer stuff.
  • I always reach out to locals for nightlife advice, Liecester Square it came out to be.
  • Soho has pretty good upscale clubs. Liecester Square is a mix where locals go out with some urban lounges.
  • I chose Koko, Penthouse and Tiger Tiger.

Greenwich (D5)

  • Explored Southwark neighborhood and Wembley area.
  • Greenwich observatory is a must if you are into astronomy, I am not but still wanted to go there.
  • Explored some more suburban/dock areas on eastern part of the city.
  • Night photography around Westminster.

Departure (D6)

  • Leaving this beautiful city but going to India. It was a mixed feeling.
  • I’ve lived in NY, SF, LA, Delhi, Mumbai and some more metros but this one is my favorite for the cultural vibrance.
Timed from 72nd floor