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Japan is fascinating.

When you think of Japan, the first thing that comes to mind is its modern look and appearance; huge cities with tall buildings and millions of hard working people.

However, the country has over centuries been influenced by many cultures. Asian culture is a predominating inspiration but the impact of Western culture is evident when you look at the newer generation with the type of clothes they wear and also in sports as Baseball is quite popular.

Travel tips

  • Rent a pocket wifi at the airport, they are easily available at much cheaper prices. Cellphone plans can be cumbersome to get if you are looking at short term options.
  • Taxis are expensive, get a rail pass.
  • A transit app is a must. You can literally get anywhere using public transit. Even outside Tokyo.
  • Try to stay closer to a major transit central, I chose Shinjuku.


Tokyo is constantly in motion and continues to be alive at night. Nightlife in the city is something spectacular where parties and night clubs present the perfect opportunity for tourists to mingle with locals. It is a city that never sleeps and no matter the time of day or night, you can find something extraordinary to eat or do here.

Kabukicho, Roppongi and Shibuya are the popular nightlife spots. Despite a different tradition almost all the nightclubs in these areas play house music, top 40 and other global genres.

One thing for sure, Tokyo women are the best dressed to what I have experienced so far.

Mt. Fuji

In summer, from early July to late August, it is the climbing season. However, because of being not in the climbing season, we only stopped at the station No. 5, which is the highest station that the bus can reach. However that place is not boring at all, the feeling of breathing fresh air from the height of 2,300m above sea level is quite interesting like the feeling of the body being purified.

Getting to Mt. Fuji

The direct bus takes about 2.5 hours and departs from the Shinjuku express bus station to the Station No.5- Muji Subaru Line. On the way to Mount Fuji, you will go through a music road. This is one of the Japanese ridiculous ideas. A small segment of the road will be made into small grooves. When the vehicles run at the speed of 45km/h, the wheel rolling through the grooves combines with the air flow to create the fun melody.

Other option is day-tour, I’ve heard thats pretty decent and it also covers Mount Hakone national park. May want to check with your hotel or any travel kiosk.


To witness vintage Japan, it is sometimes necessary to move away from Tokyo.

Kyoto is one of the Japanese cities that has kept most of these early traditions alive. It is still an active city but contrary to Tokyo it is cheaper and there is a more ancient characteristic of Japan that can be experienced here with its tea houses, museums, and temples. It is also a lot quieter than Tokyo allowing visitors to stay in a more laidback atmosphere.

This city has hundreds of Buddhist temples such as Kiyomizu-dera and Kinkaku-ji that not only provide a look into the religious aspects of the country, but also architecturally they are phenomenal. These temples that were spared bombardment during World War II, and still stand tall, are easily recognized by their wooden structures and curved roofs. It is important to pay respect to the local rules while visiting the temples and visitors should be aware of the practices that are followed.

Getting to Kyoto

The fastest way is Shinkansen.If you take the fastest Shinkansen called Nozomi, it takes about 140 minutes and costs 13,080 yen per person for one way.

Pro tip: From Tokyo to Kyoto, choose the seat E because you can see Mt. Fuji from the seat window on a sunny day. Mt. Fuji appears 40 mins after the departure of Tokyo.

Japan is encompassing

Japan is a remarkable place, full of good people, beautiful sights and a rich culture. Seeing videos or photos of Japan is one thing, but actually going there and living for some time is an unforgettable affair. With its unique combination of tradition and modern way of life, it is an excellent destination for fun, work or living.