Yamaha R6 race bike project
Adil Ansari
by Adil Ansari


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Before conversion, mostly stock

Bought myself a Yamaha R6 in June 2014. Streets/Highways were just not apt for this mean thing and started doing trackdays. The love for riding intensified and it was 2017 when I decided to convert this into a racetrack only bike.

Track version of the same bike now

The conversion

Aftermarket stuff and removed mods:

Part Slurp
Tail eliminator Clean tail
Driven racing grips Stocks were supposed to be thrown I guess
Tail lamp with integrated turn sigs Because LED and clean
SC-project CRT exhaust Expel exhaust gases faster
Pirelli Diablo Supercorsas For handling them low corners
CRG brake and clutch levers CNC clicker levers
Zero Gravity Corsa race windscreen Aerodynamics
GB racing casing for engine Gotta protect it
Bauce racing ECU remap Removed factory restrictions to set it up for racetrack
Power commander V Controller for fuel injectors, smoother power delivery
DID racing 520 chain Lighter, less friction, spins faster
Driven racing front -1 sprocket More power at lower rpms
Driven racing rear +1 sprocket For the pull coming off corners
Armourbodies race fairings Easy to take on and off fibreglass body
Catalytic converter delete No more emission sensors, unrestricted exhaust flow
K&N air filter Breathe healthy
Moto D racing clip ons Adjustable handlebars for wider arm position
GPR V4 steering dampner Stabilized steering, less tank slapping
Motion Pro throttle asembly Much more aggressive throttle response
Ohlins fork springs Stiffer forks dialed in for my weight
Eibach racing rear shock Lighter rear spring for instant feedback
Tech3 Yamaha livery Why not?
EBC GP racing brake pads High friction stoppers
MotoD GPS data logger Lap by lap bike and rider timing data
Galfer steel brake lines Increased brake fluid pressure