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by Adil Ansari


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The road trip

Traveling solo in Europe has been the easiest for me. This time decided to do something different. Landed in Lisbon and did a 800km Lisbon-Coimbra-Porto-Sintra road trip on a rented BMW bike.


Lisbon is magical. Century old wooden trams trundling down narrow cobblestone streets, weird elevators, street art, thats Lisbon for you. Lisbon is inexpensive compared to other touristy destinations in EU. Your Dollar/Pound is gonna go long way. Custard tarts is the other thing its famous for, especially Pasteis de Belem, I went late night to avoid the queues which may run onto the outside pavement. People here know how to party, nightlife usually runs into daylight.


Porto is electrical. Visit Porto if you want to get away from crowds. Colorful architecture, one of the best hostels in the world and welcoming locals. Porto is just photogenic, I don’t know if the following pictures do any justice.