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Inspired by Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford University - You’ve got to find what you love, I’ve been looking for that one thing since then. But there’s no such step by step guide out there on how to find what you love to do. Its all in one man’s words that I went out to seek passion. But where is it? Have I found it?

I’ve been trying out multiple things, connecting bunch of pieces to see if they form a logical structure or order. Its hard to say if I’ve found it or not but definitely discovered one thing, contentment.

What brought me this gratification?

Realization. Day in day out I learnt about myself, What I cannot do? What doesn’t bring me happiness? Dejection is unavoidable, on the other hand accepting where I am right now and where I cannot be brings me incomparable pleasure. Glee, because I can let go this shackle and venture in some other direction. There is one less thing upholding me now.

The balloon

Now I see its all like a helium balloon anchored to the ground. All you got to do is let go off the strings one by one to let it rise high. It is very important to learn about yourself and accept who you are. Go out and challenge yourself everyday. Hear to your head. Fail; fail fast; learn; steer in some other direction; don’t let yourself stagnate. Be on the lookout, constantly doing something. Spend time with yourself, answer is in your head. Embrace your lack of success.

“Happy he who learns to bear what he cannot change.” - Friedrich Schiller